Group Incentive Travel

Empowering your business is our business.

Goal-Oriented and Results-Driven

Whether your goal is to appease overachievers, engage underachievers or convert clients, we formulate flawless qualification structures designed to deliver measurable results. Experience the rising tide of engagement brought on by a properly engineered incentive program.

Fluent in Negotiation

We buy with a velvet hammer. Finessing contracts with our in-house counsel. Partnering with the right people around the globe. All to beat our clients’ budgets. Don’t believe us? Ask our clients. They saved an average of $122,290 each last year.

It Pays to Know People in High Places

You won’t last long in this business if you don’t build unbreakable bonds around the globe. International airlines. World-class hoteliers. With more than 14,000 room nights and 9.4 million air miles booked per year, you name them—we know them. And we know how much they can knock off your group rate.

Airing out Our All-Encompassing Guarantee

Booking group air in-house isn’t industry standard. It’s our standard. By projecting group air prices, we can ensure those projections as a part of your program—two years to date of departure. And, our preferred group status with American, United and Delta means you’ll save big and can re-assign tickets just days before departure. Pretty fly, right?

Group Meetings and Events

The argument for engagement.

The reality is only 33% of employees are truly engaged. So how do you motivate the other 67%? Your most cost-effective investment may well be employee engagement. When at least 70% of employees are bought in to your mission, the benefits are bountiful. From productivity to profitability. To reduced absenteeism and increased sales. Our incentivized experiences will make off-sites, training, and meetings indelible memories while pushing your organization past the 70% mark.

Site Sourcing and Contract Negotiations

When we say we have the right venue, we don’t think we do, we know we do. With over 50 years of sourcing and negotiating experience, we’ll find the perfect bang for your buck.

Event Function Negotiations and Management

Whether it’s a meeting room, tech support or a group gourmet meal. We got your back, for not nearly as much scratch.

Event Registration and Data Management

From signup to checkout, we’ll handle registration and any changes along the way. After all, you deserve the perfect proportion of work to play.

Attendee Communication

Let go of the logistics. From where to stay. To where to play. We’ll make sure everyone is where they’re supposed to be. When they’re supposed to be.

Air and Ground Transportation

In the air, or on the ground. We’ll get you from point A to point Z. And everywhere in between. Including points D and T.

Activities Coordination and Management

A little fun never hurt anyone. We’ll help you mix in some marvelous between meetings. Without a ton of moolah.

Source: Gallup’s 2017 State of the American Workplace report

Onsite Management

We don’t show up day of. We show up months before. Then days before. Then stick around 25/8 until after it’s all said and done. Your meeting is our meeting.

Program Measurement

No matter your desired goal, we will create, collect and analyze post-event surveys to prove our value.

Budget Management and Reconciliation

You built a budget for a reason. We’ll help you stick to it. And provide detailed reconciliation at trips’ end.

Make a Meeting, a Memory

Hometown or Hawaii. Tulsa to Tokyo. We’ll collaborate to make your employees experience your next meeting, not just attend it. Let’s give meetings, meaning.

Site Sourcing and Negotiations

Already have a superstar planner in-house? Perfect.

Let your planner create an unforgettable experience while we do the dirty work. Deal? We’ll leverage our unparalleled buying power and negotiating prowess to help make your planner’s dreams come true—and come in under budget. All for a flat rate of $0. Welcome to low cost, at no cost.

Partner with us, pay nothing, and get all this…

  • Save on room rates, attrition damages, F&B and AV rates
  • Get peace-of-mind with favorable contract terms
  • Free up your planner’s time to craft an unforgettable experience

Your Superstar Planner needs a sidekick that will…

  • Listen to their needs and understand past meeting experiences
  • Outline meeting objectives, budget and any additional requirements
  • Identify and propose appropriate destinations and properties
  • Prepare and distribute customized proposals
  • Review and negotiate offers from multiple destinations and properties

You handle the niceties, we handle the negotiations…

  • To ensure you get the best room, F&B and AV rates
  • Assure strong attrition, cancelation and general contract terms
  • And arrange site inspections of multiple properties for your planner to peruse

Your Planner can count on us to deliver…

  • Final recommendations prepped for your organization’s decision makers
  • A calendar loaded with payment, attrition and cancellation reminders
  • Cost-savings analysis guaranteed to make you look good
  • Assistance with property contracts while planning the event

Group Air Fulfillment

Airlines want you to fly together, but buy à la carte. Escape this archaic structure. Break free by buying bulk.

Locked in Rates, Two Years to Takeoff

We do what airlines can’t. Two years before take-off, Summit will guarantee your program price to include group airfare. Why? So our clients can build and book. On budget. On time. We make air, fair.

Benefits of Summit Group Air

  • Budget Foresight: Trip total, two years to takeoff.
  • Flexible Ticketing: Easy name changes, minimized fare losses.
  • Reservation Management.
  • Produce Travel Manifests.

Disclaimer: Our guarantee will cover fluctuations in airfare absent significant and unforeseen changes in government regulations and fees.