Exceed Sales Projections

Summit new peaks with competition and recognition.

As sales goals rise, budgets remain the same. Your employees grind to go from peak to peak. Strengthening strategy. Mixing up media mixes. Creating campaigns. And approaching new audiences. All to get their clients to buy in. But are you getting your employees to buy in?


84% of U.S. sales executives use non-cash incentives to reward employees or customers.

–The Incentive Federation, 2015

Building the bonds of better business isn’t all about wins and losses. Employees who have a goal to strive for are more likely to reach it. Everybody wins, whether they achieve it or not. Galvanize engagement and set the standard of greatness by offering incentive travel. After all, a productive staff is a profitable staff.

Travel Motivates Non-earners as much as Earners

It’s not all about coming out on top. Incentive programs generate results among your top performers and your potential top performers.

Reward Earners: 79% are motivated or highly motivated to earn travel reward
Non-earners: 70% are motivated or highly motivated to earn travel reward

An inspired experience executed properly motivates people and profits. A successful incentive program:

  • Generates an average of $12.50 in increased revenue per dollar spent
  • Is 2x to 3x more effective than cash in meeting goals and objectives
  • Equals an 8.5% pay employee pay increase

 Retain Top Performers

Turn off turnover.

Your competitive advantage isn’t your product. It’s your people.

Employee or client, your people are what make you, you. Predatory competitors are lurking. Waiting. Watching. To poach your prized professionals. Rebuffing these advances is vital to the lifeblood of your organization. But how?

Don’t be a dollar sign. Build bonds, make memories and temper transition costs with incentive travel.

92% of top performers are looking for a new job.

– Indeed, 2016

Cost to Replace Employees

  • Entry-level: 30-50% of annual salary
  • Mid-level: 150% of annual salary
  • High-level: Up to 400% of annual salary

High performance should mean high praise. If your top talent is already looking, why give them a reason to leave? Fight flight by inspiring experiences that move you past the paycheck.

After an Incentive Travel program, 72% of participants agree or strongly agree that have an increased sense of loyalty towards their company. – Site, 2014

Double down on this loyalty to ensure your top performers stay yours. When the competition comes calling, they’ll remember who got them dinner in Denmark. Cash in on commitment and push profits with incentive travel.

Develop New Business

Create converts. Close clients.

Incentive travel isn’t one size fits all.

It is cleverly catered to each client’s needs. Catching a big fish takes more than just savvy marketing and sound strategy. Converting clients from competitors requires a relationship. A trust forged through experiences together. Build bonds that boost your bottom line while breaking your competitors’.

The Emerald Isle, A Case Study

Imagine an intimate, once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland that turns prospects into revenue. A collection of your top executives, clients and possible future partners depart for Dublin. After pairing choice cuisine with Jameson and Guinness – not to mention a night at Johnny Fox’s – you’ll embark for Limerick.

Each step of the way you, your clients, and your prospects simply enjoy each others’ company. Golfing and helicoptering by day, residing in castles by night. The breathtaking landscapes etched into memory for life.

A final Celtic dinner says farewell to your trip and hello to your newest customers. The trip truly pays for itself.

Using incentive travel to convert top prospects ensures you get the big bucks, for less bucks.

Build Morale and Engagement

Let's incentivize excitement.

There is no Catch-22 to a successful incentive program.

Employees are productive. Engaged. Happy. The company rides a tide of enthusiasm with your people fully vested in the future. The bottom line is a better bottom line.

Incentive Travel Increases Morale and Engagement

  • Earning the travel award made me feel appreciated: 88% agree or strongly agree
  • Earning incentive travel makes me feel recognized by the company and my peers: 86% agree or strongly agree
  • Earning the travel awarded increased my feelings of “belongingness” to my company: 76% agree of strongly agree

-Site, 2014

Captivate this culture of collective commitment through incentive travel. Whether it’s a new launch, training session or annual meeting, people are more receptive when engaged. Don’t be bland. Be bold. Redefine the business trip by redefining what constitutes an office. Your wallet, and employees, will thank you.